All About Preventing Cavities


In case you wish to know how to prevent cavities, the first and foremost step is to brush your teeth regularly and properly. Basically teeth must be brushed after every meal. But in case that is difficult, they must be brushed twice a day, once after waking up and once before going to bed. In fact, brushing at night is more important than brushing in the morning. This is because during day time, tongue is moving around in the mouth cleaning up teeth in the process. This is not happening during the night allowing bacteria and germs to rot the teeth. Flossing plays a major part in avoiding cavities.

What you eat will decide whether you would be suffering from cavities or not. Processed foods, sweets, soda and others add to the risk of cavities in your teeth. Some research has shown that cheese contains a protein called casein that can actually help in preventing cavities. Chewing gum has also been recommended for avoiding cavities. Sugar free chewing gum will always be better.

Using the right kind of brush is important if you wish to know how to prevent cavities. Basically you must keep it clean and dry. In case it is wet, it may allow breeding of bacteria. Use a soft brush as a hard brush may damage the protective enamel on teeth. Take care that all teeth are brushed from inside as well as outside. Now rinse the mouth well, as well as the brush afterwards.

Smoking too can lead to cavities besides affecting your health. The noxious substances that enter the mouth while smoking allow bacteria to stick to them. This can lead to oral cavities. Basically eating a lot of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables can be helpful in keeping your teeth healthy and without cavities.

Much of these bad habits can be prevented from being passed down to your own children by making sure they see a dental pediatrician starting at an early age.  Our Pediatric Dentist Katy do a great job at making sure our kid’s teeth stay health as well as schooling our young ones on proper dental health. If you don’t have a great dentist for your own child you should consider getting them one soon.